Here are listed a couple of my configuration files. You can download them individually or run the following command to get them all ready to use:

wget -q -O - | tar xvzf -
  1. Zsh, featuring more options than a human being can use in its life time. My configuration file is here
  2. Urxvt, the unicode compliant member of the Rxvt family. Its configuration file is named Xdefaults, mine is here.
  3. Vim, (one of) the best text editor. Makes you feel the force. My small yet handy configuration file is over here
  4. 256-jungle, a 256 colors colorscheme for Vim. Really beautiful. Fetch it here
  5. Railscasts, another 256 colors colorscheme for Vim. Darker than its jungle buddy. Fetch it here
  6. Tmux, the BSD brother of GNU screen. _Really_ powerful, and guess what, it maintains the split after detached/attached sessions! Tmux.conf is here.
  7. GNU Screen, the screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. Handy but limited compared to Tmux. Anyhow, my screenrc is still here
  8. Irrsi, the supra cool IRC client that you can run without X. My config is here.
  9. Mrxvt, a lightweight multi-tab able terminal. Too bad it doesn't support well unicode. Grab the mrxvtrc file here