Welcome to my small corner of the web! I am Julien, freshly graduated with a MSc in Software Engineering and now preparing for working on a real cool and ambitious project!


“ Just as eating against one's will is injurious to health, so study without a liking for it spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in. ” Leonardo da vinci, (1452-1519)

I am really curious and passionate about a handful of promising great things. Among them are information retrieval, machine translation, data mining, ontologies, graph theory, algorithms, data structures, collective intelligence, artificial intelligence and all their connate sciences.

I speak fluent Python, C and Java with computers. I can exchange documents between computers and humans in XML, JSON, {X,}HTML and CSS. I can speak fluent French, English and Chinese with humans. Sometimes, computers can understand my C++, Perl and Makefiles. Spanish speaking humans can also understand me, sometimes. Humans speaking Shanghai dialect happened to understand my greetings and bargains, usually after a short surprise + laughing phase.

From a technical perspective I can say that I evolve exclusively around Unices systems and use open-source / free softwares. Their tremendous power, active communities and openness still amaze me after all these years. I tend to use more Gentoo, Ubuntu and OpenBSD, but I had my SSH pointed to some AIX, Redhat and several Debian based systems as well.

As a hobby I like to write Chinese characters, apply myself to web typography and click on the Wikipedia 'Random article' link.

A Photo a Day

Here is the fruit of my efforts for taking one photo each day. The aim of this is to get a visual daily diary. Photos may range from routine objects to exotic places, all somehow illustrating my trek in life.

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I spent the summer of ...


...working on my MSc thesis titled “ The Anatomy of a File Synchronization Engine ”. I seized this great opportunity to learn more about concurrency dilemma, clock synchronization, operational transformation, checksums behaviour and graph data structure. I also helped a friend for his MSc thesis by coding a distributed web crawler with DB persistence from which we built an inverted index and mapped semantic concepts onto. The aim was to see what kind of analysis we can get from the data. The result was quite promising!


... working on GNU Wget, a free web crawler, via the Google Summer of Code program. My task was to improve the current HTTP authentication process. I focused on bringing the RFC 2617 compliance and making the overall operation reliable and fast. The initial proposal I submitted can be seen here. Part of the code I produced can be found here.


... working as software engineer intern in Shanghai for a French company based in Paris, France. This experience was my last months in China after nearly 2 years and a half there. It was exciting to work and study in such a multi-cultural environment. There, I coded in Java a few extensions for several web based applications. I also did some personal investigation on what kind of opportunities such a breakneck-speed-growing country can offer to entrepreneurs.


... working as software developer in Shanghai for a China based company led by a French group. This was my very first working + paid experience. It was great. I coded from scratch a complete web application on a postgresql/pgplsql/php/javascript/xhtml/css stack. I still remember my amazement after having coded my first AJAX transaction that Sunday in the deserted office.


... in Tianjin, China. I just arrived there. I discovered a new world and made new friends. I started to learn the language, understand the culture and enjoy the delicious cuisine. I remember talking until far too late at night at some street restaurants with my new Chinese friends. What a great experience that just started!


... as a High School graduate in my hometown, in the south-west of France. I missed my computer but I still had those books on computers and some programming magazines. It was also my last summer with my family in our hometown.


... working for the first time. I sowed strawberry seeds in an agricultural exploitation nearby my hometown. Work started at 7am and finished after 9pm. I really understood that it's better having a good work, one that you love and that does not give you sunburns.